Every honeymooner's ideal destination is the Andaman Islands, which are home to some of the most beautiful locales on the planet. From pristine beaches to adventure activities, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are a honeymoon paradise in India that you must visit. How would you like to spend a romantic honeymoon with your sweetheart in one of these gorgeous Andaman and Nicobar islands honeymoon spots?

  1. Port Blair: Beauty Scenic
  2. Havelock Island: Fascinating island
  3. Neil Island: The beaches of Virgin
  4. Little Andaman: Retreat Exquisite
  5. Diglipur: Green Pictures
  6. Ross Island: Historical Remains
  7. North Bay Island: Coral reefs colorful
  8. Jolly Buoy Island: Exotic Destination Marine Life 
  9. Radhanagar Beach: Inspired by hiking.
  10. Kaala Pathar Beach: Comfortable times 
  11. Elephant Beach: Trip Adventure
  12. Baratang Island: Gem hidden
  13. Limestone Caves: Marvels witnesses
  14. New Wandoor Beach: The Nirvana experience 
  15. Laxmanpur Beach:  Panoramic View
  16. Amkunj Beach: A Sunrise Spot 
  17. Bharatpur Beach:  A Relaxing Getaway
  18. Sitapur Beach: A Sunrise Location
  19. Munda Pahar Beach: The Ideal Beach Holiday
  20. Mini Zoo: Crocodile Farming is a sight to behold
  21. Cellular Jail: A Colonial Love Story
  22. Chidiya Tapu: Observe The Wild

1. Port Blair: Beauty scenic.

Port Blair

Port Blair retains its rustic appeal, evoking the best of the British Raj, and is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Andaman. Honeymooners go to Port Blair for day trips, trips to wildlife and marine parks, and luxurious beach resorts. The views of the sea and sunsets are breathtaking, and there are numerous tourist attractions. A must-see is the Cellular Jail tour and light and sound display. Live music evenings are often a terrific way to set the tone for a romantic lunch.

How to get there: The city has an airport and boats connect it to numerous islands as well as a few road locations.

4 days is the ideal stay length.

Bay Island, Chidiya Tapu, Fisheries Museum, Wandoor, Mahatma Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya Gaudiya

2. Havelock Island: Fascinating island

Gorgeous beach on Havelock Island

Havelock Island is unlike any other place on the planet. Exotic beach resorts provide total seclusion as well as a variety of aquatic activities. Honeymoon couples in Havelock may experience both easy and fairly tough excursions. The sunsets and sunrises are especially lovely here, making it one of the top honeymoon destinations in Andaman.

How to reach Havelock: From Port Blair to Havelock, a catamaran boat and other government boats run. A Catamaran takes about 90 minutes to make the voyage, but a regular government boat takes 2.5 hours. There are also seaplane flights between Port Blair and Havelock Island that take around 20 minutes.

Ideal stay duration: 2-3Days.

Beautiful places to visit in Havelock: Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Govindnagar Beach are all beautiful locations to visit in Havelock. Radhakrishna Resort Restaurant serves great food.

Things to do in Havelock for couples: Snorkeling at Elephant Beach, scuba diving at Nemo Reef beach supper at the resorts, romantic dining at Blackbeard's Bistro or Full Moon Cafe are all options for couples in Havelock.

Romantic hotels with low Cost in Havelock: Radhakrishna Resort At Havelock, Blue Bird Resort, Munjoh Ocean Resort, and Dolphin Resort are all romantic hotels in Havelock.

3. Neil Island: The beaches of Virgin

 Neil Island

Neil is NOT the appropriate location to go if you're searching for a warm spot in Andaman. Neil is completely remote and untouched, a haven for nature lovers. There are not many tourist sites, only a handful of untouched beaches, and many romantic hotels and beach resorts that make it one of the finest honeymoon destinations for peace lovers in Andaman and Nicobar.

How to reach Neil Island: Take a ferry or boat from Port Blair to cover 36 km on the sea. A boat from Neil from the capital takes about 2 hours.

Ideal stay duration: 1-2 days

Beautiful places to visit in Neil Island: Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and Bharatpur Beach

Things to do in Neil Island for couples: Glass bottom boat ride, nature photography at Sitapur beach, and water activities

Romantic hotels in Neil Island: laxmi continental resortReefvalley Resort, Pearl Park Beach Resort, Tango Beach Resort, Summer Sands Beach Resort, and Silver Sand Beach Resort

4. Little Andaman: Retreat Exquisite

Little Andaman

A peaceful hideaway near the south point of Andaman, 120 miles from Port Blair, Little Andaman. The beach boasts a lot of honeymoon attractions, including beautiful views over the waterside, waterfalls, rainforests and beautiful white beaches. Little Andaman is really lovely and a location full of surprises.

How to reach Little Andaman: From Port Blair to Andaman Ferry services are provided generally from Port Blair's Phoenix Bay to Little Andaman's Hut Bay. The time is 6-8 hours, depending mostly on the weather.

Ideal stay duration: 1-3 days

Beautiful places to visit in Little Andaman: Hut Bay, Butler Bay Beach, and Harminder Bay Beach

Things to do in Little Andaman for couples: Surfing and trekking to the nearby places

Romantic hotels in Little Andaman: Greenwood Island Resort

5. Diglipur: Green Pictures


Diglipur is pretty of a beautiful landscape and an unusual attraction at the North Andaman Island. The green vistas of Saddle Peak and the untouched environment are excellent for lunches in Andaman.

Don't anticipate your way too much luxury. This is the location with your lover about natural beauty and pleasant moments.

How to reach Diglipur: The Great Andaman Trunk Road connects nicely to Diglipur. From Port Blair, private buses and cabs are available which take around 5.5 hours to reach the distance of 300 kilometers.

Ideal stay duration: 1-2 days

Beautiful places to visit in Diglipur: Ross & Smith Beach, Ramnagar Beach, Kalipur Beach and Saddle Peak

Things to do in Diglipur for couples: Discover the view of the Saddle Peak

Romantic hotels in Diglipur: Turtle Resort and Pristine Beach Resort

6. Ross Island: Historical Remains

Ruins of an old British church at Ross Island

Ross Island was established by the British in order to punish the participants in the 1857 revolt for being an important historic tourist attraction. The island has since become an important historic place for hundreds of visitors who come for their freedom to pay tribute to those who have lost blood.

How to reach Ross Island: It is approximately 2 km east of Port Blair city centre, on Ross Island. From Aberdeen Bay Jetty to Ross Island, you may hop on private ferries or take a boat trip.

Ideal stay duration: 1 day

Beautiful places to visit in Ross Island: Old Ruins including the church, tennis court, hospital, etc, Printing Press, and the Sanctuary

Things to do in Ross Island for couples: Witness the famous light and sound show and enjoy a calming lunch amidst nature

Romantic hotels in Ross Island: No Hotels here

7. North Bay Island: Coral reefs colourful

North Bay Island

You may explore the bright reefs of coral and enjoy snorkeling in Andaman in the immediate vicinity of Port Blair. The aquatic beings who dwell on the island's coast witness. There are many ways to enjoy water sports on this island.

How to reach North Bay Island: The tour begins at the Andaman Water Sports Complex and takes you to North Bay island by boat.

Ideal stay duration: 1 day

Beautiful places to visit in North Bay Island: NA

Things to do in North Bay Island for couples: Witness the stunning coral reefs and take a ride on the glass-bottom boat

Romantic hotels in North Bay Island: NA

8. Jolly Buoy Island: Exotic Destination Marine Life

Jolly Buoy Island

Surrounded by natural beauty, this island is even more remarkable when you travel to Jolly Bouoy. The island is part of the Mahatma Gandhi Navy Park which gives much to dive and explore the amazing aquatic life.

How to reach Jolly Buoy Island: Only by boarding a boat from Wandoor can Jolly Buoy be accessed.

Ideal stay duration: 1 day

Beautiful places to visit in Jolly Buoy Island: Beaches

Things to do in North Bay Island for couples: Discover all sorts of water and sunbathe and relax under the sun

Romantic Hotels in Jolly Buoy Island: NA

9. Radhanagar Beach: Inspired by hiking

Radhanagar Beach

This beach on the island of Havelock is a delight for all-day dreamers. The beach is the perfect location for couples to relax and feel the sparks in the white sand and the lush green vegetation. Discover the island via boat and see the magnificent sunset with your better half on a beautiful beach. This is undoubtedly one of Havelock's greatest destinations.

How to reach Radhanagar Beach: In Andaman & Nicobar the best method to get to Radhanagar Beach is by the jetty. You may take an aircraft to the Swaraj Dweep dock, which is around 10 kilometers distant from the port on Swaraj Dweep Island. You must go to Radhanagar Beach by car, cab, two-wheelers or rickshaw.

Things to do in Radhanagar Beach for couples: Go aboard a boat for water sports such as kayaking

10. Kaala Pathar Beach: Comfortable times

Andaman og

If you're searching for peace and loneliness then visit the vegetation and little islets at Kaala Pathar Beach. Take a break in the beautiful blue seas and enjoy a day with your family. The beach is also set around restaurants. There are lots of picnic places to stretch out your lavishness.

How to reach Kaala Pathar Beach: It is only 10 kilometers from Havelock Island to beach KalaPathar, from Havelock Jetty you may get to Kalapathar by hiring a vehicle or bicycle.

Things to do in Kaala Pathar Beach for couples: Go water sports and have a sunbath

11. Elephant Beach: Trip Adventure

Best Time To Visit Elephant Beach

The beach is marked by marine life and lively coral reefs which you and your companion deserve to explore. You may go snorkelling or scuba diving and admire the wonderful submarine environment. Enjoy a nature and the ocean exciting rendezvous.

How to reach Elephant Beach: You may either take a 20-minute boat ride to the beach or take a stroll to the beach in around 20 minutes.

Things to do in Elephant Beach for couples: Discover the sea and snorkel on the beach

12. Baratang Island: Gem hidden

Baratang Island

This island is characterised by the most popular places to visit and the calcareous groves. A day excursion to the island may be enjoyed and hidden jewels such as the island of Parrot, where thousands of parrots gather.

13. Limestone Caves: Marvels witnesses

Beautifully textured limestone cave in Baratang island

Finally, but not least, the calcareous caverns make up the Andaman that you can't miss during a holiday in Andaman. These caverns are located on the island of Baratang and are wonderful natural phenomena that have altered your sight over many years into gorgeous shapes.

How to reach Limestone Caves: The chalk caverns of Andaman are located on the island of Baratang, 100 miles from Port Blair. Only by boarding a ferry can you come to this island.

Things to do in Limestone Caves for couples: Capture and explore the splendor of the caverns like Indiana Jones

14. New Wandoor Beach: The Nirvana experience 

How to Reach Wandoor Beach in Andaman

Beach New Wandoor is one of Andaman's top spots for a honeymoon. The beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Andaman, near Mahatma Gandhi National Park. The beach is frequently utilized as a way to transport Jolly Buoy to the Red Skin Islands, therefore it isn't busy. You may spend long strolls on the beach and relax in the peaceful surroundings offered by this beach. This is one of Andaman's most amazing spots to visit for lunches.

How to reach New Wandoor Beach: You may take a bus to the village of Wandoor from the Port Blair STS bus station.

Things to do in New Wandoor Beach for couples: Ride the glass base boat in Andamans and snorkel.

15. Laxmanpur Beach: Panoramic View

Cherish Pleasant Views At the Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur beach is located on the top of the Neil Islands, one of the greatest spots in Andaman for a honeymoon, and gives exclusiveness in a quiet environment. The sand is never full, and for couples, it's a refuge. This beach has clean waters, untouched beaches, and stunning views over the sunset, and beautiful sea wind. This is certainly one of the most gorgeous spots for a honeymoon in Andaman for new weds.

How to reach Laxmanpur Beach: The simplest and cheapest method to get from Port Blair to Laxmanpur is by government and by private ferries.

Things to do in Laxmanpur Beach for couples: Look at the sunset and the beauty of nature

16. Amkunj Beach: A Sunrise Spot

Aamkunj Beach

The beach is lonely, the pure blue waters and the waves are quiet; the perfect honeymoon combination. Amkunj beach, among others Andaman and Nicobar islands for honeymoon in India, is one of the tranquil and less congested beaches. Even if there are no water or adventure activities, this beach is perfect if you want to have a good time with your spouse.

How to reach Amkunj Beach: This beach may be accessed from Rangat by private vehicle and walk 2-3 mins to observe the vast open beach, around 100 meters off the main road.

Things to do in Amkunj Beach for couples: See the sunset and wander the beach

17. Bharatpur Beach: A Relaxing Getaway

Bharatpur Beach

Just to the lovely Neil Island is another popular Andaman honeymoon site known as Bharatpur Beach. This is where you may rest and relax with your new criminal accomplice. The drooping palm palms, untouched blue seas, and beautiful corals combine to give life a feeling. This beach is for you if you want to have a good time on new better mountains away from marketing and crowds.

How to reach Bharatpur Beach: You may take the rickshaw after reaching Neil Island and travel directly to Bharatpur Beach around 500 meters from the island.

Things to do in Bharatpur Beach for couples: Drive in a boat with a glass base and take part in an aquatic activity like snorkeling or scuba diving.

18. Sitapur Beach: A Sunrise Location

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach in Neil Island is another of the most stunning spots in Andaman. The romance has been written all over this beach. For the apparent reason, this beach is also called Andaman's 'sunrise beach.' So, make sure you visit the place early in the morning and discover the greatest combination of different shades of pink, yellow, and blues from a story. During these hours, the crowds are also less crowded, and so the couples may escape perfectly.

How to reach Sitapur Beach: You may search up a car rickshaw to the beach of Sitapur at 5 km from the main market in the island after the dock at the port on the island of Neil.

Things to do in Sitapur Beach for couples: Testimony of dawn and beach walking.

19. Munda Pahar Beach: The Ideal Beach Holiday

Munda Pahar Beach

The beaches in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are not dear. The Munda Pahar Beach is another beach to visit on the Andamans on Neil Island. The finest atmosphere of this beach is from all areas. You may just relax on the beach, have a beverage and the companionship of your spouse. The sun shines brightly and there is no end to the quietness on this beach. Don't miss seeing beautiful beach sunsets. You're really wonderful!

How to reach Munda Pahar Beach: It is roughly 25 kilometers to Port Blair from Munda Pahar Beach. The journey takes around 40 minutes.

Things to do in Munda Pahar Beach for couples: Witness the clock

20. Mini Zoo: Crocodile Farming is a sight to behold

Mini Zoo

Mini Zoo is a perfect place if you are a fan of wilderness. Mini Zoo provides you and your spouse the opportunity to see the splendor of mother nature as exotic animal species. While there is not a lot of diversity, some highly intriguing and off-beat places can't be found elsewhere. There are many intriguing activities to observe here, from crocodile farming to breeding grounds.

How to reach Mini Zoo: After reaching Port Blair, one can hire a private cab or take a stroll till this tourist attraction. 

Things to do in Mini Zoo for couples: Witness the several varieties of eagles and breeding of crocodiles

21. Cellular Jail: A Colonial Love Story

Cellular Jail

 Sitting in Port Blair, cellular jail might not be something that shouts romance, but if you are a couple who has a thing for history and architectural beauty, you should definitely pay this attraction a visit. Cellular Jail is integral to the Indian Freedom Struggle as it this place witnessed the manifold prosecutions that freedom fighters were subjected to. The history of this place never fails to impress travelers. You can also watch a light and sound show that takes place here during the evenings.

How to reach Cellular Jail: You may get a private cab or walk to this tourist site when you reach Port Blair.

Things to do in Cellular Jail for couples: You may witness the grandeur of the site of the light and sound display and absorb.

22. Chidiya Tapu: Observe The Wild

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is one of the favorite honeymoon visitors to Andaman. This tourist attraction is at the southern point of South Andaman and features numerous natural beauties. The sunsets, the oceans extend into the eye, and the many bird species found here are absolutely amazing. Crocodiles are also found here, so you need to be conscious of the environment. It's an absolute necessity!

How to reach Chidiya Tapu: You may get a private cab or walk to this tourist site when you reach Port Blair.

Things to do in Chidiya Tapu for couples: Enjoy a calm picnic in the ecological park and participate in numerous water sports!